Simply Colombia!!

Juan Carlos Obando.

You can create simplicity in a very elegant way.  Your gown sets the tone for any wedding even on a budget.  Juan Carlos knows what simple elegance means....

Sexiness from Venezuela

WOW! Can't be more sexier and classy than that.  Mrs. Carolina Herrera is always about pure class and elegance.

View more styles at her website


Oscar de la Renta - Spring 2010.  You can check all the styles here.


I will be showing what I think is the best in gowns from our latin designers.  You will see talent from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and luckly all of them can be bought in the US. Enjoy!!

Manzanita Trees and Branches

LOVE LOVE LOVE Manzanitas trees and branches for wedding decor!  They can be used either in receptions to be incorporated in the flower arrangements or for a great seating guide!!  This is a great place to buy manzanitas in small and large quantities.

Hello Everyone!!!!

Welcome to a new post on a new blog!!!  In this post I will give my opinion on everythig weddings from a latina's sense of style.  Even though this blog  is made to give overall wedding inspiration, I will  defeinitevely try to promote where I'm from.  Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico but with a father from the Dominican Republic.  So if thinking about a caribbean destination wedding, I hope my blog will convince you that both places are spectacular for your special day.  Enjoy the ride and please comment or send me pics and questions to