Taaz!!! Online makeup artist

Can you imagine trying different makeovers for a rehearsal, wedding or just a cocktail hour without too much fuss...Check out this taaz.  Upload your picture and play with all the hairstyles, makeup you like.  you can even customize how much lashes you want.  Lashes!!! the site is super addictive and fun.  The great thing about this site is that all the color you use you can actually buy them!!!  So for those of you that can't get to Sephora...you should give it a try....

Seating Charts????

Imagine an outside wedding....maybe a beach wedding or country wedding where it may be a little windy. With these custom seating stones you won't have to worry of something flying by. Find them here. You can also use them as favors or anything custom.

Cake Toppers!!!

So many ideas...for cake toppers. Here are some very interesting..

From etsy..

These are from goosegrease

My favorite so far.....because they look exactly like the couple!!!!

Flamenco Dance

I have seen the occasional mariachi, cultural bands and the likes for weddings. How about a Flamenco dance for yours! If you are planning a destination wedding in Dominican Republic this group can travel anywhere in the island. If you have a big budget you can arrange for travel expenses in the mainland. Check it out.

Cap Cana

What a wonderful place for a honeymoon or destination wedding. Located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Some would say just by looking at the pictures that it would be impossible to try a destination wedding because It would be too expensive. I say you can be surprised because of the economic crisis they are trying to bring in more people to their resorts and are making incredible discounts for a wedding venue. Make the call, there is nothing to loose…let me know how it went…



Wedding colors?

Fraxel Laser Treatments

The other day I was watching tv (the news) and they were talking about how great Fraxel laser treatments are.  A demo was done on a young male adult that had severe scarring.  The before and after pictures were incredible.  So for all you brides that may have an acne scarring problem or spots and wrinkles maybe the laser treatment is right for you.  

The average person needs at least 4 treatments.  They range from $500 to $1,500 the session depending where you live so when preparing the wedding budget take this in consideration.  Also the invervals are between six to eight weeks.  Between makeup and airbrushing your wedding pics will always be nice but wouldn't it be good if your skin looked nice afterwards?

Cool Shoes

You can get inspired by the flowers and the shoe style.  How cool is that?


Hello everyone. This has been a crazy week.  First the facelift on my blog which I’m very satisfied on how everything turned out. Ellie from rainy day templates helped me with the design and layout of the template. She is very easy to work with so for all of you that would like a custom wedding website I strongly recommend her.
Today and the following week will be all about wedding resources. There is a section on the blog that will be exclusively about where you can find and buy things you like and in some cases how to make them yourself. If for some reason I have posted something you like without a link or address please e-mail and I would gladly try and help you.
NetteletonHollow is a personal favorite because you can use them for weddings and later to decorate your home. Below are some cool pics on some of the things they do.

Beautiful manzanita tree with orchids.

These are hanging amaranth.


You can get a lot of inspiration from their site.

Inspiration for wedding colors!!!

Today is my fiance's birthday and in the past days while I was shopping for a present I went to the Swarovski store to see what was new.  He is a very big fan of the collections and has a whole furniture display with a lot for their pieces.  He has been for years building a very respectable collection.  I found this cute dog, and right there I decided that it would be the perfect gift.
Since I had to wait for the sales person to wrap my gift I notice some very awesome jewelry with different color combination.  A bride who does not have a clue on what her wedding colors should be can get inspired by checking out jewelry.  Designers combine colors that a normal person wouldn’t think on pulling them together.  Here are a few to give you an idea.

For those of you that want to know what the dog looked like, check it out.  His name is Tommaso.


I received today in the mail 4 catalogs of Sandals resort.  All I can say is super wow!!!  Those resorts are currently located in Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia and Bahamas.  A few years back I went to one in Antigua, just a 40 minute flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico and I can honestly say that I had the BEST spa massage in my life.  (I’m a freak of spa massages so I know and can really distinguish them).  After browsing all the brochures I would definitively say that I really want to try out one in Jamaica since I’ve heard they are the best.  I remember we booked an all inclusive package which we will never regret since the bar was premium and the food was superb.  Soooo for those of you that still have not booked a honeymoon or a vacation for that matter I really recommend that you check it out.


For the diy bride....

I found these browsing for a personalized bridesmaids gift.  You can buy the pattern and then make them.  Buy them here at etsy.

Sale Sandal!!

How cool is this sandal for a beach wedding???
On sale now in ninewest

Island Inspired

I think you can have a beach wedding incorporating elegance. In this board even though the color is fun and funky, it is very well pulled together. What do you think?