Hello everyone. This has been a crazy week.  First the facelift on my blog which I’m very satisfied on how everything turned out. Ellie from rainy day templates helped me with the design and layout of the template. She is very easy to work with so for all of you that would like a custom wedding website I strongly recommend her.
Today and the following week will be all about wedding resources. There is a section on the blog that will be exclusively about where you can find and buy things you like and in some cases how to make them yourself. If for some reason I have posted something you like without a link or address please e-mail and I would gladly try and help you.
NetteletonHollow is a personal favorite because you can use them for weddings and later to decorate your home. Below are some cool pics on some of the things they do.

Beautiful manzanita tree with orchids.

These are hanging amaranth.


You can get a lot of inspiration from their site.


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