Happy Halloween!!!!!

Hope you are all invited to a very special Halloween party this weekend.  I'm ending the week with Halloween treats...have a good one and as they say here in San Juan, trick or treat, Halloween dame chavos y no mani...


Spider bites and scary sculls from Bakerella
Halloween Macaroon from Feeding Maybelle
Torta de Halloween from DolciBlog
Stained glass cookie from Amy Atlas


Black for Halloween!!

How many weddings will there be this Saturday???
This pic is by our local newspaper Endi.

Destination Weddings - Cuixmala, Mexico!

Here's the thing with destination weddings, they are simply memorable.  Not just to the couple but everyone who can make it.  On this economy it can be hard to gather your friends and family and fly to a special destination but it can be done.  When planning a destination wedding time is the most important thing, friends and family will try to incorporate a destination wedding with a mini vacation so they can be on with you on your special day.

This awesome, unique and fun wedding was sent by Artist Photographer Lauri Levenfeld from Zoom Photography.  The couple chose Cuixmala, Mexico because they had the opportunity to be housed in one of the gorgeous Moorish Mansion along the cliffs or the Villas on the hillside with infinity pools perfectly matched with each sunset.  They enjoyed horseback rides, a scenery that included zebras, monkeys and gazelles and of course their private beach for their wedding ceremony.

All i can say is enjoy....and for the happy couple, Kristina and Michael, very well chosen.

How amazing are the shoes????


There is a new trend out there on a great gift for your husband to be.  I think that if you have the guts you can go for it at any occasion.  Boudoir gifts..hmm is it really for him or the two of you?  I think it is an intimate gift that would go perfect on your room,  and of course it is not the gift it is the meaning...I personally admire women who indeed go for it but mostly I think that the photographer is the key because for those photos to come out as they do he or she must create an atmosphere that can capture the true meaning of this gift.  These where done by the talented girls over at Simply Bloom Photography and you can check a lot more of their work at their blog.


Can you imagine a piñata on your wedding?  To be honest NO, until you see this super cool ones.  They can be used as the focal point in your dance floor and in a special dance tear it up for the cool confetti inside.  The sky is the limit as they say so have a look....

The blindfold to match...from Confetti System

America comes to the UK!

This wedding comes directly from the UK. The couple is from the US and Canada and decided to celebrate in the UK. The talented Zoë Lingard coordinated and designed the wedding and photographer Kerry Morgan captured the special moment. The flowers had a combination of herbs which included rosemary, sage and lavender so we can all image the great aroma infused in the ceremony.

The couple wanted to incorporate something very "English", so they had umbrellas and wellies...how cool...

The grounds of Tylney Hall were just simply spectacular!!!What more can a girl want..

Original way to display place cards.

Good luck to Georgiann and Jaime on their wedding, and to rest of you happy weekend.


This color is so pretty........you feel at ease....reminds me of lavender....

Pictures from Bebb Studio

Pretty Boldness

How gorgeous in this necklace?  Love, love, love the texture and boldness of it.  It can be used as a super chunky bracelet.....From Banana Republic

Vintage Cars

Vintage cars look awesome in weddings.  They are great for memories.  Some couples decide to have their pictures taken and send them as thank you post cards.  I have seen cars, limos and sometimes vintage schools buses used in weddings.

Via Jochy Fersobe

Natural Scrubs

Ready for some Detox?

Formulated to draw out toxins and pollution from your body and exfoliate dead skin cells.  The botanical oils in this scrub moisturize your skin and help carry the detoxifying power of antioxidants and essential oils through the deeper dermal layers of the skin to benefit you entire body's  well being.

Great way to give as a gift to your B-Maids or anyone special that helped you through your planning process.

If you want to know a little bit more of the owner and maker of Angel Face Botanicals you can check here.

If you are ready like me, to try out some of her great products go here.


Since Halloween is just around the corner and a Saturday no less I'm sharing with you some spooky candy!!! Brought from The Cookie Shop.  Enjoy!!!

Wedding Colors

For more inspiration visit Colour Lovers!

Wedding Colors
Credits: Meg Baisden Photography, Millie Holloman, Jose Villa

Affordable Letterpress Invitations

Artist Heather Noss from Letterpress Light has come with a different approach on letterpress!! Making it more affordable.  She can do English, Bilingual and Spanish only invitations as well because she used to live in Mexico and studied Spanish for a long time.  Check out her great work!


letterpress 2

She uses a process developed by her that is not regular letterpress. She overlays un-inked printing plates over designs that have been printed on letterpress paper. This way she can create the texture of letterpress, but don't have to charge per color as a letterpress printer does (that's a lot of what makes them more affordable).

Family Tree

How much fun would this be in a wedding with lots of family members!! I would go crazy!! Can you imagine this....From my mom's side I have 5 aunts and 4 uncles...from my dad's side all I know is that he has 28 brothers and sisters. Weird right? What people don't understand is that I'm very close to almost ALL my cousins.  Weirder?Right? I think it is something very Latin but most of the time when I travel to the mainland I get to see them and this helps me get to know the area much better. I have family in:
  • San Juan
  • Santo Domingo
  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Dallas
  • San Diego
  • Boston
  • San Jose
and I'm sure some are missing, anyway brought from The Brides Cafe, DIY- Family Tree

An assortment of coordinating decorative paper (double sided)
Color copies of family wedding photos (two copies of each image)
A large branch in heavy vase....or a tree
Embroidery floss or string
Clear tape
Glue stick
Scissors or X-acto knife
Leaf craft punch

Art Maker Laurie Cinotto.