Destination Weddings - Cuixmala, Mexico!

Here's the thing with destination weddings, they are simply memorable.  Not just to the couple but everyone who can make it.  On this economy it can be hard to gather your friends and family and fly to a special destination but it can be done.  When planning a destination wedding time is the most important thing, friends and family will try to incorporate a destination wedding with a mini vacation so they can be on with you on your special day.

This awesome, unique and fun wedding was sent by Artist Photographer Lauri Levenfeld from Zoom Photography.  The couple chose Cuixmala, Mexico because they had the opportunity to be housed in one of the gorgeous Moorish Mansion along the cliffs or the Villas on the hillside with infinity pools perfectly matched with each sunset.  They enjoyed horseback rides, a scenery that included zebras, monkeys and gazelles and of course their private beach for their wedding ceremony.

All i can say is enjoy....and for the happy couple, Kristina and Michael, very well chosen.

How amazing are the shoes????


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