Fraxel Laser Treatments

The other day I was watching tv (the news) and they were talking about how great Fraxel laser treatments are.  A demo was done on a young male adult that had severe scarring.  The before and after pictures were incredible.  So for all you brides that may have an acne scarring problem or spots and wrinkles maybe the laser treatment is right for you.  

The average person needs at least 4 treatments.  They range from $500 to $1,500 the session depending where you live so when preparing the wedding budget take this in consideration.  Also the invervals are between six to eight weeks.  Between makeup and airbrushing your wedding pics will always be nice but wouldn't it be good if your skin looked nice afterwards?


Julia said...

Just when I got used to my mew acne scars that ruined my look Fraxel appeared.
Because I got sick to hide scars with tones of make-up I decided to have Fraxel Toronto at one of the best clinics in town. What this treatment did for me is way over what some of my best friends did.

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